Universal 12V Motorcycle Handle All Purpose On/Off Switch for Fog Lights, Hazard Flasher, Auxiliary Lights.

Rs. 449 Rs. 999
  • SUITABLE : for all 12V Battery Installation and 7/8'' Handlebar all motorcycles,motorbike,scooter.
  • HIGH QUALITY : Handlebar two way button ON/OFF switch for light. Headlight , Fog Lights , Break Lights indicator lights hazard or spot light switch control.
  • Standard power rating: DC12V/10A Universal.
  • Ideal for all bike and Scotty .The switch can be mounted on your handlebar and connects effortlessly to your lights easily .Double separate switch controls, make your travel more convenient Blue wire connects the positive pole of the power ,brown wire connects negative pole of the power,black wire connects the positive pole of the load.
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