Portable Mini Car Dustbin/Trash Bin, Black Plastic Dustbin

Rs. 189 Rs. 279
No more loose wrappers, used tissues, empty snack wrappers, cups or garbage in your vehicle. Portable Mini Car Garbage Can is an Ultra-Convenient car accessory that will get rid of all your unwanted trash in a flash. portable garbage dustbin helps keep your car Clean & Tidy. portable garbage holder is Handy and Convenient when you need to throw rubbish on a trip. portable garbage holder is designed in a most Practical way. The trash bins takes up Minimal amount of space yet gives you Full garbage capacity, without taking up all your legroom. You can Store it in between the seats, in the trunk, in a cup holder, center console, the door or wherever you prefer. portable garbage holder can also be used at home or in work. Instead of using it as a garbage can it can also serves the purpose of an ashtray, cup holder, pen organizer coin holder and the likes. SWAB portable garbage holder is made from Premium Quality plastic to provide maximum Strength, Durability, and Longevity. In addition the garbage can is Universal Fit and the plastic cover is removable for practicality purposes.

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