MOXI Waterproof Universal 16 Pattern Bike Hazard Flasher for LED & Bulb Indicators with Switch

Rs. 449 Rs. 599
  • It is 16 different patterns universal Bike Hazard Flasher suitable for all Bike.
  • It has waterproof 16 different patterns Flasher Relay for LED/Bulb all 4 Indicator also not required any External cover to cover Hazard flasher
  • It required 12V DC operting voltage and it give 16 different modes like slow flash, quick flash still mode etc.
  • This 16 Mode Universal Bike Hazard Flasher, Waterproof 16 Patterns Flasher Relay for LED/Bulb Indicators Flashes All 4 Indicator Lights and Auxiliary or Fog Lights Makes You Visible from a Distance.
  • Waterproof Universal 16 Mode Motorbike Hazard Flasher, 16 Different Pattern Flasher Relay for LED & Bulb Indicators (Made In India) the Desired Flash Mode Can Be Saved Easily with a Single Switch So You Don’t Have to Program the Flasher Again Unless You Want to Change the Saved Setting

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