Microfiber Cloth for Car Cleaning Microfiber Towel 40cm x 40cm

Rs. 149 Rs. 199
MICROFIBER TOWELS Very Soft – Excellent Absorption – Quick Dry – No Odor – Bacteria Free –Wrinkle Free – Easy To Wash – No Chemicals required – No Bleach- Light Weight - Lasts Hundreds Of Washes - Economical TWONE Microfiber has fibers approx 1/100 of a human hair, with amazing ability to pick up and trap dirt coupled with superior absorbency and scrubbing power. Why Choose TWONE Microfiber over Cotton Towels/Cleaning Cloth? Cotton is like a fishing net with large holes. Dust or microscopic germs escape through the holes or just get pushed around. But, TWONE Microfiber Towel catches the dust, microscopic germs and allergens storing the dirt and dust. TWONE Microfiber unlike Cotton Cloths a) Has Affinity To Oil That Allows Oil To Cling Directly To The Fibers. b) Absorbs 3-4 Times Its Weight Of Water, Being Hydrophilic. c) Uses Only Water To Clean, Needs No Cleaning Agents. d) Lasts As Much As 500 Washes Much More Than Cotton. e) Requires Less Water Than Cotton To Wash. f) Dries 2 x Faster Than Cotton. APPLICATIONS: On Your Body: In our home we don’t use soap when we bathe. Instead, we use a microfiber body cloth to cleanse our bodies. I love it! I’ve never felt so clean! Face: REMOVE MAKEUP, Mascara with just water, Gently Exfoliate Skin, Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles, Diminish Acne, Whiteheads, And Blackheads, Minimize Scars, And Clear Clogged Pores From Dirt And Bacteria All While Not Disrupting The Ph Levels In Your Skin.For cleansing the skin, thoroughly wet the cloth with warm water and gently massage the skin in circular motions being very very gentle around the eye area. Leaves Skin Much Smoother And Clearer. Hair Drying: Dries Hair very fast leaving them dry, smooth and shining. Small Babies: Rose petal like softness, Use for Bathing, Face cleaning, massage.

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