Large Size Microfiber Car Washing Gloves

Rs. 179 Rs. 249

Car or Bike Wash Sponge Mit works in a way that it collects the particles of grime and dirt by trapping them into the mitt fibers. That way car wash mit ensures that there is no scratching or harming your paintwork. Made of premium double-sided chenille, soft microfiber leaning cloth deliver a Scratch-Free, Lint-Free and Swirl-Free finish for peace of mind and superior results.

One measuring 10.6" x 8" this car cleaning mit fits all. Car or Bike washing supplies absorb 7x its weight in water to clean more areas, easily reach slightly curved car groove, small seams or other hard-to-reach places the sponge could never hit, wipe away grime effectively. Used with plain/soapy water or for drying.

Made of FIBER+WATERPROOF LINING+NONWOVEN, car wash mit features waterproof, keeps your hands clean and reduce the damage of detergent to skin when washing cars. Use wet or dry, such as car, window, mirrors, furniture and glass, etc.

IT helps keep mitt in place on hand. anngrowy Microfiber cleaning cloth, no dye, no discoloration, no silk, no velvet, no odor, 100% machine washable and dryable for easy cleaning, holds more water than sheepskin, reusable.

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