6 LED Original Fog Light Waterproof for Bike and Car Off Roading Set of 2 Led + 1 On/Off Switch (12V DC 6 Led Fog Light), White light

Rs. 349 Rs. 499
  • 6 LED Fog Light / Work Light is the perfect addition to motorcycles, cars, ATV and other vehicles that demand excellent visibility at the night. It emits focused bright light that reaches far ahead so that you can enjoy your ride with many conveniences even at the night and bad weather conditions.

  • 12V DC LED Fog Light / Work Light is provided with fixed brackets so that you can set it anywhere over your vehicle wherever you want. While it is recommended to install over the handle bar of motorcycle, roofing of car, leg guard, headlight or indicator panels with the offered fixed bracket.

  • Housed in sturdy Aluminium casing,  6 LED Fog Light / Work Light can easily withstand extreme force, dents, vibrations and other unfavorable weather conditions. Moreover, it is also IP67 waterproof so you can always rest assured for its safe operations even in rain and water.

  • No matter whether you are riding in rain or at the fog, 6 LED Fog Light / Work Light can perform even in the most unfavorable conditions like mountains or dusty lands. Stay focused without worrying about the way.

  • The offered 12V DC LED Fog Light / Work Light can be easily installed over the motorcycles, car or other vehicle within few minutes.

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